Anaïs joins New Tales!

Anaïs joins New Tales!

We are more than happy to welcome Anaïs Sorrentino to the New Tales family as our new Senior Animator!

With over 15 years experience in animation. She started at Hydravision Entertainment, working on franchises such as ObsCure and Alone in the Dark, then at Mighty Rocket Studio on a beat'em all called Final Exam. She also has a background in the audiovisual field, directing short films for children in 2D animation for cinema, and animating 3D series.

Anaïs loves old point-and-click and turn-by-turn RPGs. She’s very keen on Warhammer 40K and Dan Abnett books.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing SFFF, video games, board and role-playing games with family, as much as messing up recipes.

Also, don't leave her close to any plant… Every plant that enters her house sees its life expectancy drop drastically. Even cactus.

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