Ankama and New Tales join forces for the global publication of their next big game, WAVEN.

Ankama and New Tales join forces for the global publication of their next big game, WAVEN.

Ankama and New Tales have signed a long-term partnership for the global publication of Ankama’s next game, WAVEN.

The partnership follows on from several months of successful collaboration between the two teams.

WAVEN is an ambitious new project by Ankama, a multiplayer free-to-play tactical RPG for Windows PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet devices.

Paris and Roubaix, March 28, 2023 – Ankama, a major player developing and publishing transmedia universes, and New Tales, an ambitious new independent game publisher and developer founded by passionate gaming industry pioneers, are pleased to join forces to distribute WAVEN worldwide.

In this partnership, New Tales will provide its cutting-edge expertise as a game operator servicing international communities to help Ankama bring WAVEN to as many players as possible globally. Slated for release before the end of 2023, WAVEN is the Ankama studio’s newest ambitious project set in the Krosmoz universe, a saga that began 20 years ago with the release of DOFUS.

WAVEN is an ambitious project, one that we are very proud of! We believe that it has real potential to conquer the international market and so we decided to be accompanied by a team of experts to give ourselves every possible chance at success,” said Anthony ‘Tot’ Roux, CEO of Ankama. “The New Tales team appealed to us because the team is made up of recognized industry experts with whom communication is simple and enjoyable.

We are delighted and eager to bring WAVEN to players around the world,” said Cédric Maréchal, President & CEO of New Tales. “Not only were we instantly impressed by the quality of the game and its potential, but we also met a talented, passionate and caring team that is a joy to work with.

New Tales and Ankama had signed a first strategic partnership six months ago to begin preparing for the launch of WAVEN. This productive collaboration has now evolved into a global co-publishing agreement with the aim of ensuring that as many people as possible can enjoy the game.

The third major installment in the tale Ankama has been narrating for more than 15 years, WAVEN is a turn-based tactical roleplaying game. In it, players discover the World of Twelve after it has been almost completely submerged in a mysterious disaster. Only the roofs of the tallest buildings and highest mountain tops are accessible, and the survivors sail the high seas in their ships in search of the resources they need to survive and thrive. Ankama’s colorful and expressive graphic touch and its beloved, distinctive epic-burlesque style invite players on a great adventure full of exploration, strategic combat against iconic monsters from the Krosmoz universe, and confrontations between players either live or in asynchronous arenas, all against a backdrop of both funny and endearing stories. WAVEN will be a free-to-play cross-platform game available on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.



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About the Ankama Group

Ankama is an independent French company that creates, publishes and distributes works of entertainment worldwide. Following the success of its online game DOFUS in 2004 (more than 100 million accounts created worldwide), Ankama branched out into several different areas and has now become a transmedia group to be reckoned with. From video games to board games, and from manga to anime, it controls the production chain for its creations from A to Z. Creator of a vast universe called the “Krosmoz”, known for its multiplayer online roleplaying games DOFUS and WAKFU and the animated series of the same name, it also produces animated feature films such as DOFUS Book I: Julith and Princess Dragon. Passionately creative, Ankama also designs and develops board games such as Krosmaster ArenaMonster Slaughter and Arkeis; mobile games such as Tactile WarsKing TongueSuper Nano Blaster and DOFUS Touch; and graphic novels and manga such as RadiantShangri-LaCarbone & SiliciumDans la tête de Sherlock HolmesDOFUS and Mutafukaz to name just a few. Ankama’s teams take a transmedia approach when creating the universes that they develop through multiple stories in multiple media, thereby offering their loyal communities of players, readers and spectators a full and immersive narrative experience across all popular platforms. At Ankama, every story is unique, but they are all interconnected. In 2020, Ankama broke the European crowdfunding record for an animated series on Kickstarter by raising more than 1.5 million euros to produce the fourth season of WAKFU. In 2023, the company will once again show its creative strength with the release of two animated series – La Dernière Aventure du Comte Lance Dur on ADN and season 4 of WAKFU – and its latest game in the Krosmoz universe, WAVEN.

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