Jim joins New Tales!

Jim joins New Tales!

We are delighted to welcome Jean-Michel Courivaud (aka Jim) as our Chief Technology Officer.

Jim started his career about 30 years ago as a Ph.D. expert of the cellular concrete’s cooking process. Being a gamer at heart and a coding Gyro Gearloose, he soon created one of the first voice-over-IP tools dedicated to videogames that was tested on Jedi Knight and launched on goa.com. He then joined the great adventure of massively multiplayer online games, first with The 4th Coming and then Dark Age of Camelot, before being recruited by the Vivendi Games team for the European launch of World of Warcraft as CTO. He also worked on the launch of Cities XL (Montecristo). After a detour through Dassault Systèmes to create a project around cities’ digital twins, Jim is now returning to his first loves.

He dedicates his time to his family, video games, books and growing real as well as digital trees. Fun fact about him, some mean people pretend he has no sense of direction. He formally disagrees... it's just that directions have no sense of him!

Warm welcome Jim!

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