Mahdi joins New Tales!

Mahdi joins New Tales!

We are excited to welcome Mahdi Attemane as our PR & Communication intern!

Mahdi brings a unique blend of creativity and experience to our team. He's spent the last two years honing his PR skills at Warning Up and Ubisoft. Beyond his job, Mahdi has directed music videos and led communications for a movie-themed association. He is also passionate about narrative-driven games and life-sim titles like Animal Crossing.

Mahdi's heart beats to the tunes of Yoko Shimomura's violin and piano compositions. An avid concert-goer and writer, he dreams of sharing his many stories with the world.

At 13, Mahdi began writing his own video game scenario! He developed a prototype in Japan, and in 2021, published a novel as a prequel to his game. His dedication to this 12-year project showcases his relentless passion and creativity.

Let's give Mahdi a warm welcome to the New Tales family!

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