New Tales Announcement

New Tales Announcement

Game Industry Veterans Come Together to Launch NEW TALES, a Player Communities Centric Publisher and Game Developer.

Providing a Dedicated Publishing Force to Game Studios and developing Own IPs, NEW TALES also Aspires to Help Shape a Better Tomorrow for the Industry.

Paris, Monday 24th January 2022: Bringing together the collective forces of esteemed veterans from the likes of Blizzard, Ubisoft, SEGA, LucasArts, Activision and Sierra amongst others, new publisher and game developer, NEW TALES, today announced its launch.

The Paris-based outfit will create fresh IPs through its own internal studios and provide state of the art publishing services with a global scope to other game developers through fair partnerships. NEW TALES is striving to place each game’s DNA and community of players at the heart of its strategies.

The company has been founded by passionate gamers with an average of 22 years of experience in the games industry, having honed their craft at some of the world’s biggest publishers and worked on legendary franchises including: World of Warcraft, Jedi Knight, Half-Life, Counterstrike, Hearthstone, EverQuest, Call of Duty, Sonic the Hedgehog, Diablo, Crash Bandicoot, and Overwatch, to name but a few.

Onboard from day one is NEW TALES President and Chief Executive Officer Cédric Maréchal, who has almost three decades of experience within the industry working for companies like Blizzard, Vivendi Games, SEGA and Cryo, and having previously served as International Senior Vice-President of Activision Blizzard.

Also on board are; Chief Operating Officer Benoit Dufour, himself a former International Vice President of Activision Blizzard who also worked at Vivendi Games; Chief Growth Officer Delphine Le Corre, previously Senior Director EMEA at Blizzard and who also worked at Vivendi Games; and Chief Content Officer Emmanuel Obert, former EMEA Director at Blizzard after an initial career at Ubisoft.

They are supported by three senior advisers of game development, Kim Gresko, former Composite Artist at LucasArts and cofounder of Blue Silver Studios, Ray Gresko, previous Global Chief Development Officer at Blizzard and cofounder of Blue Silver Studios, and Julia Humphreys, former Overwatch Production Director at Blizzard and Senior Producer at Seven Studios.

We have formed a team of passionate gamers with an unrivaled degree of experience, having grown some of the biggest IPs and player communities” says NEW TALES President and CEO Cédric Maréchal. “Gaming has rarely seen such an exciting time, fuelled by tons of innovation and creativity. However, the frequency of new releases keeps rising rapidly, reinforcing the need for great international publishing. NEW TALES is a one-stop-shop publishing solution where we’re going to work with developers, as one united team, dedicated to maximizing success. We are also building our internal production capabilities to develop our own games and IPs. We are looking forward to joining forces with people who share our values and passion!

NEW TALES is driven by four core values at the heart of its day-to-day and key company decisions; Hearts of Gamers / Always on the Move / We Are One / Gaming for Good. Those values are central pillars, as detailed on

NEW TALES is already working with partners who share the company’s ambition and values, while also developing its own production capabilities around their very first IP.



NEW TALES is an independent publisher and game developer, integrating a one-stop-shop publishing agency and its own game development studios. New Tales supports their partner game studios fairly, as one team, helping them build and launch games internationally. For more information, visit

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