Rémi Ducher joins New Tales!

Rémi Ducher joins New Tales!

We are thrilled to welcome Rémi Ducher in the New Tales family as Technical Director in our studio based in Lyon, France!

Rémi started working in the game industry 15 years ago as a gameplay programmer. He rapidly became lead programmer and realized how enriching it was to build a team and help younger programmers grow up. His career led him to various studios like Ubisoft, Amplitude Studios and Gameloft, where he had the opportunity to work on very different types of games such as third-person shooters, strategy games or sports games for mobiles, PC and consoles.

Rémi enjoy Sci-fi literature, playing video games, obviously, cooking, but most importantly, spending time with his family! He is also a big fan of a the Japanese culture, a country he visited many times. When he was a bit younger (and had more hair), Remi was often told to look like the actor Jim Parsons aka Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory!

Welcome Rémi to the New Tales family!

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