Tristan joins New Tales!

Tristan joins New Tales!

We are thrilled to welcome Tristan as our Studio’s Lead Level Designer!

Tristan started his level design’s career 13 years ago. He has contributed to numerous action-adventure games such as Deathloop for Arkane Studio, Technomancer for Spiders and Styx 1 & 2 for Cyanide. He has also contributed to the creation of several level design productivity tools. Starting out at the age of 5 with his Lego, Tristan has never ceased to be passionate about building new worlds and the stories behind that bring them to life. Thanks to his programming skills, he has developed a strong specialty in prototyping new game mechanics.

Tristan likes watching all kinds of films, from B-movies to blockbusters. He also appreciates walking through cities to discover their architecture and other nooks and crannies. He also has a strong passion for anything related to video game development. Tristan practices sport every day and spends too much time in front of YouTube. He also makes lots of audacious culinary experiments. Despite all the sports he does, Tristan can't help getting up before 7 am no matter how tired and at what time he went to bed!

Welcome on board Tristan!

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