Charlie joins New Tales!

Charlie joins New Tales!

We are very happy to welcome Charlie Fries to the New Tales team as Game and Combat Designer.

Passionate about games as a whole since their childhood, Charlie started out designing puzzles for Escape Games before getting lead into the video game industry 3 years ago to finally work in their true passion. They worked mainly as a 3C Designer in early prototypes and in live operations for Racing games at Ubisoft.

Charlie has a great interest in music, especially the fusion between Metal and Electro, but they also likes Comics and Cooperation Games.

In their personal life, they do a lot of artistic things like lightsaber choreography, makeup and cosplay crafting. They also really like TTRPG & TCG.

Charlie has a really weird cat they want to show to everyone so if you see them, be sure to ask for a picture!

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