Florien joins New Tales!

Florien joins New Tales!

We're thrilled to welcome Florien Jouy to the New Tales family as our new Lead 3D Artist!

Florien's journey in the video game industry began over a decade ago, right after his training as a 3D computer graphics artist focused on animated films.

During this time, he has honed his skills at Eden Games, starting with mobile games like Gear.Club & F1 Mobile.

Beyond his professional path, Florien is a dedicated educator, nurturing the next generation of 3D artists at E-Art Sup.

He's also a lifelong gamer, Warhammer enthusiast, and a nature enthusiast fascinated by the beauty of evolution.

Fun fact: Florien always has a harmonica in his pocket—even though he’s still mastering the art of playing it!

Warm welcome Florien!

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