Valentin joins New Tales!

Valentin joins New Tales!

Say hello to our new Senior Gameplay Programmer, Valentin Comte!

With a rich background in programming from from mobile games to major PC & Console projects like Endless Space 2 and Humankind, he’s geared up to bring his magic to our games.

He’s not just about code; his eclectic hobbies keep him just as busy off-screen; whether it’s tackling a rugby field, diving into a good book, or commanding armies in miniature wargaming, Valentin does it all. And yes, he games a lot too!

As corny as it may be, spending time with friends and family plays a key role in his life. Whether it's a gaming afternoon, a night at the bar, or a journey to the other side of the world, he is never happier than when he can share a good time with the people he loves.

Oh, and did we mention he’s more comfortable with petting sharks rather than horses? He even told us their scales could be very soft!

Very warm welcome to the team Valentin!

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