Elise joins New Tales!

Elise joins New Tales!

We’re thrilled to welcome Elise Marchouba to the New Tales family as our new Studio Producer!


Elise is a seasoned producer who worked in the gaming industry for 8 years already. She started her career in a sports studio then moved to a small indie team focusing on eccentric experiences (killer robot vacuums, relaxing flying experiences, etc.). She then moved to Sweden where she has been a Senior Producer for Contraband, a AAA game published by Microsoft. She worked across many specialties including VFX, Lighting, Tech Art, Feature Gameplay, Level Design (and Art), World Design (and Art) and more…


Her favorite games? Heavy narrative-based games, where you feel like the world adjusts to your decisions. Even though Elise enjoys playing to Age of Empires or RollerCoaster Tycoon from time to time. When she’s not playing videogames, she likes to watch the Australian Football League as she is originally from Melbourne! She also loves going to art museums around the world and seeing iconic impressionist and figurative works.


Before she decided to become a producer, she studied Fashion and still like to sew a lot of her own clothes!

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