New Tales supports the Screens of Tomorrow initiative

New Tales supports the Screens of Tomorrow initiative

Gaming for Good is one of New Tales’ key values.


As a publisher and a game developer, we deeply believe that video games have a role to play in the current environmental and social transition. The content featured in our creations contributes to establishing reference points for players and can be utilized to raise awareness about contemporary issues. As a responsible company, it is also our duty to incorporate social and environmental considerations into the very core of our organization, being in our practices as a publisher or at the heart of our creative and development processes.


This is why we have been part of, and we are actively supporting, the Screens of Tomorrow project. Initiated by Sparknews (environmental and social storytelling expert) originally for TV and movie content, a specific toolbox has now been developed for the video game industry in partnership with various game studios and publishers, the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo and with the support of ADEME (The French Agency for Ecological Transition).


Screens of Tomorrow provides comprehensive resources and a guide for all teams seeking to integrate representations of a more sustainable and inclusive society into their games. It also encourages reflection on the cultural and ecological impact of studios and games.


We encourage you to explore to learn more about this non-profit initiative and to delve into the insightful advices offered in the guide.

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